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What Counselling Services Do I Offer?

This list is not exhaustive - here are some of the issues I can help you with:

Stress and Anxiety

Are your shoulders feeling tense and is your stomach in knots, with your breathing becoming quick and shallow. Mentally you feel fear and panic rising and you are struggling to rationalise and quell your automatic negative thoughts. Maybe you are suffering with longer term stress, as a result of a big life change, such as a divorce or a redundancy. Counselling can help you process what has happened and  help support you moving forward.

Psychology Session


After the death of a loved one or a close friend, you can become overwhelmed with sadness and lose the ability to cope with normal life. Death can be sudden and unexpected and leave a huge void in your life. 
Counselling can help to make you feel heard and articulating how you are feeling can begin your journey towards healing. Grieving is a process and one that you need to go through in your own time to make you feel whole again.

Flowers Candles Funeral


When you are suffering with depression it can be totally debilitating, preventing you from getting out of bed, leaving the house or eating. It can cause you to withdraw from the people you care about and make you cloudy, forgetful and unable to concentrate or focus on tasks. You may feel that there is no way out and like you are in a constant negative cycle. Counselling can empathise with how you ae feeling and give you tools to cope better and methods to slowly restore routine and joy back into your everyday.

Sad on Couch
What Counselling Services Do I Offer?: Services & Goals


Have you experienced trauma in your life? Maybe you were involved in a road traffic incident or you were abused as a child. Maybe the scar you are carrying is more subtle, but no less destressing to you personally. If not acknowledged and dealt with trauma can hold you back and cause deep sadness. Counselling can help you understand what happened and can let you reach a level of acceptance and peace.

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Couples Therapy

Relationships are at the centre of our lives and if they break down, can cause us heartache and anguish. My couple's therapy package, includes an initial session alone with one partner at a time, in which I get to know the situation through the eyes of the individual. Then we do sessions together in which I can see communication styles and we can work on finding resolution and new relating styles.

Couple in Raincoats


If a particular behaviour is bringing you down and making you feel out of control then it might be time to address it. This could be anything from alcohol dependency to drug abuse. Sometimes underlying unresolved issues fuel habits like shopping or gambling. Counselling can help you realise you have an issue and help to heal the underlying trigger.

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What Counselling Services Do I Offer?: Services & Goals
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