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Pluralistic Counselling

Why Choose Counselling?

My counselling sessions offer you a safe and confidential space, in which to express yourself. The relationship I have with all my clients is very important to me. There will always be  respect, trust and honesty at the forefront of what I do. 

I tailor all of my sessions individually to suit your needs and work with a variety of approaches, as I do not believe that one technique is superior, rather that each client requires a bespoke service. 

I am a very down to earth and empathic person and I always stay genuine and endeavour to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. 

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What is Pluralistic Counselling?

How a Multi Thronged Approach Can Help

The luxury of choice

The Pluralistic Approach is centred on the belief that diversity is vital when considering how a client and counsellor can best work together. I believe that it is an equal partnership and that the client (you) should be in control of your own healing journey and take charge of direction and that your personal objectives should be met if possible. You are the only expert in your own life and it is a privilege if you let me walk alongside you whilst you process your issues and eventually evolve and grow. Incorporated into the Pluralistic Approach are the following ways of working:

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Person Centred Counselling

The very nature of Person-Centred therapy is for the client to effectively take the lead. The counsellor is there to provide a safe and comfortable environment, in which the client can express themselves genuinely, without fear of judgement or being coaxed in a particular direction. The counsellor will just make sure that the client is heard and that they listen with real empathy and heart felt understanding.

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Psychodynamic Counselling

Fathered by the famous Sigmund Freud, this approach involves working in unison with the subconscious mind - the part where all our memories, learnt behaviours and creativity lives. It is here that clients can really begin to understand their true, deep routed feelings. There could also be painful unprocessed experiences and trauma, which cannot be dealt with by the conscious part of the brain. These unresolved issues often hold a person back and keep them in negative cycles. It is by uncovering these blocks that important issues can be brought to the surface and worked on. We can look at childhood and historical events that made you into the person you are today.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT as it is widely known, is scientifically proven to be effective at helping people with a range of issues. It works by looking at the way you think and how that effects your behaviour, emotions and physical well-being. It is a collaborative approach which involves working in partnership with me to implement fresh routines and new ways of thinking about your predicament. Using baby steps we will slowly empower you to make the changes you consider to be great for you.

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Why Choose Me?

I wish to make counselling accessible to everyone, by breaking down the stigma and helping people to understand why reaching out is so beneficial. The most important thing to me is always being myself and making people feel heard and understood. My down to earth nature facilitates a relaxing and calming environment, in which we can work  together to heal and regenerate.

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What can I help with?

Stress and Anxiety





Self Esteem and Confidence



Chronic Pain

Goal Reaching

Sad on Couch
Clear View Therapies Counselling: Services & Goals
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