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Couples Counselling Sessions

Do the work it make your relationship, better, stronger and more harmonious

Holding Hands

Couples Counselling Sessions with Clear View Therapies, are a great way of putting some time aside, for you both out of your busy schedule to talk about what is not working in the relationship. You will each get an equal chance to express your feelings and to talk about your individual perspectives.
Instead of constantly bickering you will get the opportunity to really feel heard and understood. You will learn where your communication style is falling down and what patterns of behaviour you always fall into without realising it. 
There is also the opportunity to find out if something from your past is holding you back and how your subconscious is at play making you think in ways that are unhelpful to you in the present. 
Your Initial Session will be 1.5 hours (£100) and then there is an option to carry on with 1.5hrs or go down to 1 hour a week (£90). 
Discover how to nourish and enrich your partnership with Clear View Therapies

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