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Clinical Supervision 

Supporting you in your professional journey

I endeavour in my supervision practice, to provide a nourishing, open and warm environment, in which the supervisee can explore, process and grow in their client work. I will facilitate a free-thinking space, in which the supervisee can feel comfortable bringing any issues or concerns they may have with confidence. We will also explore the wider context of the therapeutic sphere and cover areas such as self-care, business development, self-promotion, feelings towards the work and so forth. I will engage in productive discussions, in unison with the supervisee, focusing on their expansion, theoretical approach and expertise, all the while being guided by the ethical framework of the relevant governing body. I will also hold the supervisee in accordance to the requirements of their workplace or organisational rules.
As a supervisor, I will always work towards encouraging development, facilitating creativity, reaching relational depth, paying attention to reflection, intuition and anything holistic that may emerge, whilst being inclusive and authentic.
I offer Supervision that meets the BACP Ethical Framework, for Counsellors and Supervisors. I practice in an Integrative style, tailoring my interventions to suit the individual needs of the supervisee.

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